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SCHOOL DRESS & SCHOOL ACCESSORIES has not just been our core area of specialization, but has been our only area of specialization since more than 5 decades. In a country obsessed with pricing, we have always tried to give the SCHOOL UNIFORM industry, new heights of “Quality Persuasion”

Be it BOYS SCHOOL UNIFORM, GIRLS SCHOOL UNIFORM, SCHOOL ACCESSORIES or KIDS SCHOOL UNIFORM (Nursery/ Pre-nursery), we have always tried to offer complete range of school wear to provide the school management & the parents a hassle free SCHOOL UNIFORM SOLUTION.

Since its inception in 1932 – Quality, Consistency & Timely Delivery has been our specialty. This family business earned us a very strong repute amongst the retail customers of the region, and our specialty in SCHOOL UNIFORM & SCHOOL ACCESSORIES made us extremely popular amongst the school kids.

But since then, despite of a major split in the organization, we neither looked back nor we compromised with our soul objective of providing quality products. Our “Quality Conscious Work Culture” & “Zero Rejection Repute” helped us in adding new customers to our customer list every year.

Today we are supplying uniforms & accessories to more than two dozen schools around the country & abroad as O.E.M. suppliers, and almost all the products are manufactured in house in our highly equipped & modern stitching unit with over 80 dedicated workers.

At SchoolDress - we believe that “Qualitative Excellence” is the gateway to “Quantitative Expansion” & we are committed to thrive our way forward to do so.

We are officially partner of the Registered NGO- Maulana Azad Social & Welfare Trust

We Proudly Serve

Tollygunge Bangur High School
Rahimbox Primary School.
Tollygunge Bangur Primary School
Adarsho Primary School
Mollarhat High school
Mollarhat Primary School
Pree Primary School
Dihigram S.S.K(Murshidabad)
Deshbandhu Primary School(Murshidabad)
Mahendrapur Junior Basic School(Murshidabad)
Tollygunge Bangur High School.
Tollygunge Bangur High School.

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